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Saturday, November 08, 2014

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Molly is the singer in a band
Desmond says to Molly "girl I like your face"
And Molly says this as she takes him by the hand

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Couple weeks ago (when the weather was friendlier), I went to Borough Market. Guys, it was the best. I've been to a couple of markets in London, Australia, Tasmania, etc, and so far, Borough Market is the best (Oh, but Christmas markets do not belong to the same category, so yes, Christmas market would be more wonderful).

With Borough Market, what I love is that: 
First, the food that they sell are fresh, and so many choices. For cheese lovers for example, there is this cheese shop that sells so many kinds of cheese. Sorry, I could not remember their names one by one but it's a lot. For bakery lovers(me included), so many choices as well; savoury: duck confits, cheese breads, burgers, or sweet ones: Croissants, apple struddles, pies. They also have oyster bar, fresh ones! Many kinds of truffles, kind of pumpkin that you'd never seen before. (Not exaggerating, but one day in this market amazes you, if you go to the vegetable section). Oh almost forgot, one of the stalls sell hot apple. Yum!
Unfortunately.. I did not eat that much so I could not really tell which one you should try. But I tried the duck confit, which is okay but something unique, then their apple struddle (for me it's okay but I guarantee you will think it needs more sugar), and also cheese sticks, which I think you haven't been to Borough Market if you did not try this. (Honestly, it did not taste amazing, but how they are stacked made you want to eat 'em). Then, I tried a bit of their paella, I'd say they are yum. You can ask the seller and do tasting if you like. So many to choose from!
Little tips here, go there with your friends so you can buy various kinds of food and share them.

Secondly, I simply love the green paints of the market, and the fonts they use for the signage etc. It's so market-ish and Europe-ish.

 Third, you will find families with their cute bubs.

Fourth, Monmouth coffee is just around the corner. So head in there and get a cup before exploring the market. But, the queue would be a bit, not nice.

The only downside is..
No churros! Seriously, if you have Spanish food, why don't you have churros?
Or maybe, just maybe which I'm pretty sure not, maybe when I went there, the churros guy (if there was any) were sick. Or just had a long friday night (I mean, he drank too many beers. Haha!).

When are they open?
Everyday but Sunday.
And on Monday-Tuesday, it won't be full market.
Their website will help :)

That's the cheese sticks I was talking about. The stack? I know right!

Other mushrooms with the mushroom guy..

The paella was here!

Some kinf of garlic. Pretty pretty, hey?

My duck confit in the making!

Now, let's move from market, to a formal dress specialist.

As last week I told you a bit about MsDress, I'm again going to tell you the reasons to shop your soon-to-be your favourite pretty dresses.

8 Reasons Why You Should Shop at MsDress:
1. Endless choices
Up to one thousand and eight. Yes. So many choices, you might even get confused. Start hunting the perfect one!

2. Colour customisation
If you see a dress that you like but the colour is not right for your skin, you can change it, ladies. At least, 15 choices of colours are available; Black, blue, burgundy, champagne, daffodil, fuchsia, gold, hunter, lavender, light sky blue, royal blue, etc.. You name it! They will have a colour chart underneath the dress description, and they have the colour swatches for each different fabrics.

3. Ranging sizes (Petite to Plus size) Even maternity!
 From US 2 to US 24W. All pretty body shape :) Oh also, usually when it comes to buying something online, you'll be confused and worried as the size might not be your size, and it will be so troubling to send it back and request to change and blah blah blah. At MsDress, they have like a page loong of explanation of their sizing. Like how to measure your hip, bust, height, hollow to floor, and so on. But, if you still need to return, simply return it as they allow their valued customers to do so.

4. Their online store is easy to navigate.
You can sort by prices, shop by style, shop by size, sort your event, etc. Easy to find information that customers usually look for too. No drama, just shop! 

5. Receive many kinds of payments
 Either Visa, Mastercard, Western Union,...

6. Ship worldwide, with trusted shipping companies
DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx... . So, no worries involved during your shopping! Before you knew it, your precious dress will be delivered to your door.

8. Last but not the least, they offer the best price!
E.g, for these vintage prom dresses below:

GBP 79

GBP 89

GBP 109

 Hope you enjoyed reading or browsing the pictures,
have a great weekend, readers!

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