Battling Your Faith

Saturday, November 22, 2014

It's easy to be happy when you are happy,
But it takes wisdom to be happy 
when things do not go your way

bag kanken

location St. Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury
shot by Sherine

Hi guys!
This week was not the best week for me, honestly.
Few unfortunate things happened:
1. Lost my gloves (they were new..)
2. Lost 2000 of my photos 
(Must have pressed a wrong button. Then finally got half of it recovered, but still.)
3. Lost my glasses 
(They've gone missing with no reason. Weird. Someone/ something is messing with me)
4. My Schengen visa got rejected. (So I also lost my ticket to Milan. Let me know if somebody wants to have that ticket for free)

The last one, was like the top of my sadness/ disappointment/ heart-breaking news.
I just found out that apparently as a student visitor, you cannot apply for visa to Europe. Eventhough 3 months prior, I've been planning to hop around in Europe: Cinque Terre, Copenhagen and see those little houses covered by snow, Castles in German, visit Anne Frank's house, witness the ruins from Nazi's and Jewish moments, and probably Aurora in Sweden. Gosh, even writing this makes another crack in my heart.. :(

I mean, for me traveling is something precious (especially I was going to go with 2 of my funny sisters). But it's not there anymore now, the imagination and dreams and pretty pictures...

Anyways. Through this post..
I just want to encourage all of you who might have faced bad days, or facing one now. Don't lose hope. Keep being positive. I always think the positive sides, as mourning will bring you no happier;
1. Maybe someone who has my gloves need it more than I do.
2. At least I still have my camera with me
3. Maybe someone who took it needs money? I don't know.
4. This last one is the hardest to take. But I still believe there's always a reason behind everything. And I might not see it now, but I'll find out when it's the time to find out.

If you can think positively, trust me, you'll change your life (not exaggerating here, really).
If you stop complaining, that's when you can feel the presence of other blessings.
If you don't mourn too long, that's how you will differ yourself from anyone else. 
I mean, it's easy to be happy when you're happy, but it takes wisdom to be happy when things do not go your way.

So, have faith.


cute marketing, hey?

favourite picture of the day

gate to the huge Canterbury Cathedral

stunned by this artwork. Formed by hundreds of nails. Deep meaning.

Abbey ruins
Autumn! But Winter is coming soon enough!

Couple weeks ago, I was lucky to get a change to go to Canterbury, and visit beautiful little town and the famous churches, including one that's ruined. It somehow linked, the abbey was ruined centuries ago by the ruling king, as he does not like the church being there. People were killed, etc. I can imagine, must be really hard to live up your faith at that era.

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much love,
Jeslina x

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