War of The Roses

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Look for every chances,
don't let yourself miss any opportunities.
Because regret is not the best feeling in the world,
you know.

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location tower bridge
photographed by sherine

turquoise building lovin'
The Bank Station
Cheers to another weekend!

Here, here, some photos of the beautiful tower bridge!

The first photos involving red roses installation was at Tower of London. Tower of London is located close to London Bridge, the iconic London's bridge that can . Those roses installation was made to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the First World War. The installation itself is called "Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red". In the past, there was so many soldiers killed thus the war in that area was known as "The War of The Roses". Behind the beautiful castle, it used to be a place for prison as well as to behead convicts. Scary, eh?

This week, i'd like to talk about taking every opportunities. Especially for those doing their uni(or love)! Here, let me remind you why looking for what you do now will affect your future.

Firstly, you got to know what is happening. Look out for everything! 

 For instance, internship. Everyone in the working industry would totally choose candidates that have experienced working before. Because obviously, you'll have the ability to speak to people, to tackle practical problems, and to work under pressure. So, even though you might be busy with your assignments, don't put aside interning/ experiencing work in your field. I interned a couple of times, and, what the people working said to me was the same,"Opportunities (and connection) are the ones that lead you to success". Or even if you're that busy, at least start looking(and make sure you keep looking for any offers), work on your CV (and maybe cover letter if you've found company(s) that you're interested in). Then once you can breath a little--just a little--after your submissions/ exams, send them out. Sending the cover letters now doesn't mean you'll have to work right away. If you don't do it now, then when?

An example that maybe I should tell you. One friend of mine, she didn't actually know that there's a study abroad program/ exchange program when she did her degree. Obviously. she should've done if she did know. But at that time, she never looked for something that's happening, or she simply didn't care and didn't try to find out about those programs. At the end, her friend went and made connections, etc, while she could only say,"Damn. It's too late".

One thing that I'm thankful for is that, since i'm the youngest sister in the family, I saw things that happened to my sisters. I saw how hard it was to get jobs, etc. They also encourage me to take any chances that might "enhance" the study/ future. So all I did was looking for jobs, seminars relating to fashion business, or even travel (Honestly, you get a lot from traveling; inspiration, beautiful pictures, connections, change your mindset, etc. One friend of mine once said this "No matter how expensive traveling is, they will always be worth it", and, I kinda of agree!).

Also readers, note that this is not only about your careers. Even things like getting to know someone(could be someone that you like :P), do something, in any chances. I know (and I'm sure you do too), the feeling of regret is not the best feeling in the world. Oh oh! Even things like... love. If you like someone but you were not sure whether he liked you back or not, what I would do is to still tell him(or her if you're a guy). I've experienced this and once I didn't tell the guy and I regretted it. And in the later situation, I summed up my guts and told him, and believe it or not, it felt great.

To end this.. I hope this little post of mine will do like what my sisters did to me! (Or my liking some guys experience. Haha!)

Have a good week ahead,

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