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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sometimes it's too easy calling someone "BFF"
without her/ him truly being one

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location divinity school, oxford
photographed by valeria

"Glouce - Ster" Street (That's how you read)

Yellow Submarine spotted!
Jesus College
Bodleian Library

Part of The Christchurch College

Divinity School: Where Prof. McGonagall teach the students to dance
Leading to River Thames

A couple weeks ago, I went to Oxford for a day trip. We took the train for 1.5 hr-ish, and there we were. In a beautiful little town called Oxford. It's very English, where all buildings were classic and all bricks.
Like the name suggest, I mean, you must be familiar with Oxford being the famous Oxford University. I only found out there from a local tour that Oxford has 38 colleges that each colleges has numerous courses. Like, for instance, if Jesus College has Meds, then other colleges might have Meds as well. 

The town itself is pretty small (well, I was only wandering around the city center), so I guess 1 day is enough for you to explore. Things that you can do there is:
First, coffee. 
(Not that they have splendid coffee or anything, it's just nice to have something warm to hold when it's chilly)
1. Go to the Covered Market.
It's not big, but, pretty fun.
2. Do a local tour for the colleges.
3. Visit Divinity School, where Harry Potter was filmed.
4. Visit Christchurch College, one of the biggest within Oxford University, then you'll see Hogwarts' dining hall. (Wasn't as massive as it seems in the movie though.)
5. Walk along the River Thames
6. Visit the cute little shops
However, make sure to check their schedules for opening hours etc. Don't be a bit not organised like myself, who ended up not going to Christchurch College. (Gee, the feeling of regret hurts deep :( )
But at the end of the day, I had pretty pictures, so, yeah, was feeling happy :)
When I was there, I was imagining Harry, Ron and Hermione being there and being friends. Or, best friends forever I might say. And it brings me to thoughts about BFF.

Surely, every person in earth needs at least 1 BFF, not 100 friends, that you cannot always rely on. That was what mom told me, but now, I know it's true.
However, sometimes it's too easy for you to say that one is your "BFF", while actually, that someone is being over-rated.

So here it is:
(ps: preventing this becoming biased/ not right, I got a friend's approval before posting. Thanks, S!)

Eight Signs That Your BFF is Really Your Best Friends Forever:
1. You're super comfortable when she is around, and you just being yourself, like the true you.

2. You don't have to think of what to say/ try finding topics when you are hanging out.
3. She's the one person you can laugh-till-your-tummy-hurts with.
She always get your joke, and the other way around. You guys just feel connected and always burst in laughs, shameless one.
4. You feel like there's something missing when you guys do not contact each other for a period of time.
You feel like there's something missing when you guys do not contact each other for a period of time, for each of yours' businesses. But, at times, even when you both are just too busy and cannot talk to each other, you won't drift apart.
5. She's always there (and the other way around).
to read whole of your looooooong message when you're telling a story or confiding in her, and she'd reply right away, even when it's in the middle of the night.
6. She gives honest opinion.
She tells you the truth when you look fat in a photo you're uploading on Instagram, or Facebook. Or, she won't let you buy a yellow dress that makes you look like a banana, and she will tell you why you shouldn't. You know.. The truth hurts sometimes..

7. Fighting won't easily break the friendship.
After a fight/ quarrel, you guys won't stay too long in that situation. Eventually, one will start talking normally. You just cannot handle not telling her about your crush texting you.

8. She's your "go-to" friend(s).
Either going out for a drink, shopping bed linens, or feeling like a cake and tea, you know who to call.

That's all from me for now. Comment below if there's any :)


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  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by at my blog :)

    Anyway, you took really nice photos! The scenery looks amazing! And oh, how I wish to go to Oxford someday!

    Much love,
    Dinda Nayaredhanty

  2. every nook, every corner, street and landmark is just soooo picture worthy!! :D thanks for sharing these!!

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