Saturday, September 06, 2014

Even in A Very Terrible Situation,
There Must be Something Very Good Out of It.
Well, If You Stop Complaining and 
Start Thinking Like Great Positive Minds Do.

pants - Sportsgirl
backpack - Kanken
boots - Tony Bianco

location: Webb Bridge, Melbourne

photographed by Emery

Firstly, apology for the long postponed post.

Two major things had happened since I wrote the last time:
1. Panggung Merdeka - This was a production organised by Indonesian Student Association here in Melbourne, Victoria, and I was one of the organizer. It was pretty tough and time consuming yet fun and unforgettable at the same time. Honestly, that short 4 months production, was the only time I was deeply and intensely involved in an organisation, especially in Melbourne. I’ve gotta say, there are both benefits and downside to both. In the plus section, you meet a lot of new people (which later become friends) with the similar interest. Typically, they are active and innovative and have the willingness to learn. However, they are all very unique in different way, which results to you learning to deal with various people. The organisation also let (if not force) you to learn so many stuffs about creating an event; sponsorship, PR and marketing, venue, ticketing, and so many more! This whole thing will lead you to be critical in thinking, On top of that, I’ll look at every events differently now. It’s always not as simple as it seems. At the end, the busy-ness and stressfulness during the production were all worth it. It came out a success, tickets were sold out, and I gain so many cool friends! Through those ups and downs, it was precious.
2. Secondly, I never announce it to you that.. I’m going on an exchange!( Where to? Stay tune!) So, these past few months I’ve been stressing much about getting a visa, accommodation, etc. However, I know everything will fall into place eventually :)

3. Now, reviewing on what I’m wearing: The Kanken Bag. To begin with, the design is very simple. It’s in a rectangle shape, so if you fully fill it in, you will look as if you are wearing a box-shaped bag and I say it’s cute! How much can you fill it in? Depends on which size you are after. My one, it was a 13” one. My laptop fits perfectly in there. However, once you slide your laptop in, be careful handling the bag. Because the material of the body part is not padded at all (That’s why this backpack is super light, though). The top strap, came very handy when you want to move the bag around (definitely not carrying it around by holding the top strap). The downside is that when you bring something heavy, it will hurt on the back strap, on your shoulder. Why? Again, because it’s not padded. Overall, I like it though. They’re just small, light, cute and since it’s structured, when you put things, it won’t be messy inside the bag. One more thing, when you’re travelling and you want to bring more than 1 bag, this backpack is great to bring since it’s foldable.

(Gee, it’s so nice to write up with length compared to my last posts. I’m on my uni break so I can write more!)

Excited for the exchange program,

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