Autumn Attire

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The leaves might be leaving its branches.
But eventually they will grow back.
I might have left isle-of-view for a while,
but hey! I'm back now.

top - Sheinside
bottom - Valleygirl
messenger bag - Zatchels
wedges - Aldo
floppy hat - Claude d'Alban

location - Botanical Garden, St Kilda rd

photos by Emery

Dear readers,

I should tell you how excited I am writing this post. I didn’t even think of what I should type up. The thing is, as you may know, I haven’t been posting for ages. For the record, this is actually my first post in 2014! (Yes, with an exclamation mark) And actually, the biggest challenge in blogging is to have a photographer (Read: photographer that’d bear with your take-great-and-right-photos attitude), and in this case, I have found one! She is a blogger too, and she is amazing! Check her blog here. It’s good how we sorta know how each of us wants the pictures to be, since we both blog. Anyways, if you’re reading this Em, thanks so much!)

I've been pretty much buried under uni's tasks. Seriously, it's like 5 assignments 2 exams 1000 stresses, ha ha ha, in less than 1 month time. What to expect neways, that's the life of a uni student!
Thanks to Melbourne's suddenly-warm weather though, life becomes so much easier :D
I'm working too by the way, in hospitality (Read: free food!). Been enjoying it so far and its's good to keep chipping on things that you want to buy, or do.

These past weeks, too, I've been trying out baking muffin! Baking 'em is actually tricky, following the recipe 100% won't guarantee you will succeed. I still need practice for muffins but I'm pretty good at pancakes (Really, Jeslina. What's so great about exceeding making pancake... *talking to myself*)

I hope you're all doing well people.
For Melbournians, take Vitamin C and bring gear up some scarves as the weather is being very indecisive these days. You know, Melbourne being Melbourne!

Laters, readers.
(By "laters" means next week. Not 2015 hehehe)


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4 komentar

  1. What a gorgeous top! You look very cute Miss!

  2. Super cute look! I always see girls dressed like this every time I go back to Thailand. It makes me want to buy girly clothing :)


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