Melbourne Street Style

Thursday, September 05, 2013

"In Melbourne,
Fashion is All Around Us"
That's what they say.
But hey, I Agree!

top - supre
leather jacket - sister's
black skirt - ice
boots - novo
backpack - sister's

location: Hosier ln, Melbourne

Hey hey!
So I went to Melbourne Spring Fashion Week couple days ago.
I went watching 2 shows, and one of 'em was Wittner.
Before writing too long, let me show you what I saw!

They were doing a photo shoot!
If you notice, the hub was all transparent, with purple hues all around.
Don't you just love the idea?

look at the embellishment! How pretty!

the second from right, looks like a mannequin!  
my favourite model, Paris Roberts
with this pretty gal from Ohyeahemery

(oh, almost forgot how nice typing-on-a-blog is!)

So yes, Melbourne Spring Fashion Week has been going this week.
Compared to Jakarta, the ads here were so noticeable; through banners, booklets, and others.
But then again, Jakarta is a big city, so can't really be compared.

So I went to Wittner's show on Tuesday. It was okay and pretty fun. 
I was intrigued to see one because I'd never seen a fashion show for shoes.
The hub itself (as seen in the pictures above) was made so special, and make people around the city notice it, and entice them to enter.
(Actually, I cannot wait for next year's hub design!)

And yesterday, I went to the another show, spilling out the new range from local designers:
-Alice McCall (My fave!)
-Christina Exie
-Manning Cartell
(Pictures coming out this weekend!)

About what I've been doing?
This past 2 months my family'd been here visiting.
It felt so nice, when I don't have to think about what I'm eating, they do the thinking! :P
We went to places, went to Tasmania as well. It's a little island below Australia.
Hmm, maybe I'll post some pictures too from Tassy!
And at the moment I'm having a 2 week break--ohyeah--but still got some assignments to do!

This is random, but days ago, I was having a conversation with a friend, talking about what we'll become in the future. Where would we be.
And I remembered how a young successful speaker once said,
how we have to push ourselves out there to be succeeding in achieving our planned dreams. 
Take it into account how there are a lot of competitors out there.

You have to push yourself out there.
And I think that is true.
To be noticed.
To gain more knowledge.
To get what is supposed to be yours.

Because at the end, you yourself are the only key to unlock your doors.

I'll see you people!


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  1. oh such a great post and lovely blog dear! :) xxx

  2. great post jes! love your jacket! and the whole look is AMAZING. stunning post!


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