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Monday, June 10, 2013

Three solid months 
without posting.
But hey! 
Thanks for waiting.

cardigan - H&M
shorts - H&M
floppy hat - claude d'Alban
sling bag - meters/bonwe

Thanks Michelle S.M for the pictures wonderfully taken! 

It's been three months since I wrote to you guys!
And you have no idea how bad it felt, when I really wanted to post things up, but eventually I couldn't get the chance to get my own pictures taken.
A lot of things did happen--including assignments, exams, etc--that bugged me from posting. Running errands, feeding myself up, laundering piles of clothes, and not to forget, washing the dishes! 
(I know, I shouldn't have any excuses. But sometimes I just couldn't post :P )
Anyway! How thankful am I to have such supportive readers and viewers and friends. They keep telling me to post things up! (For those who are reading this now, thanks heaps! *hug*)

And even though I didn't post, the blogger graphic shows that apparently, this blog is still frequently being visited, and the number would go up on weekends! (Which is the usual time I post up!)

Anyway guys.
Unilife had been good.
If I told you about how tough it was at the first place, it is much much better now :)
This is all because of some lovely friends I met.
They make me feel secure, feel encouraged, comfortable, and of course, they are the ones that give me the excitement to go to uni every single day, especially after the first three months.

With the subjects itself, I adapted quite well, I guess.
I found some tricks myself how to make the studies work out.
A lot to study.
Oh, and for some of you who wants to know what subjects I am studying;
Fashion and Textile Merchandising, RMIT

1. Product Specification
Here, they teach us how to draw every kinds of shirts, dresses, sleeves, collars, etc.
In the working field, the drawings would be given to the manufacturer to be produced :)

2. Pattern Making
Surely, they teach you how to make the patterns that should be done before the production stage.

3. Fashion Materials
We will be familiarised with fabrics names, constructions, characteristics, etc. How to produce knitted/ woven garments, the present technologies, so on. This one is the hardest, I guess. More study time required ;)

4. Fashion Visual Merchandising
Creativity is needed for this one. They teach us how to decorate your shop window display, as to invite customers.
(Honestly, at first I was thinking "What the heck am I studying?"
But then I realised, to work in fashion/ retail industry, this seems-so-simple kinda thing has to be learnt. Some might enjoy this subject, but it needs a lot of work!)

5. Fashion Distribution & Logistics
Basically, it's like business, but specifically in retail/ fashion! :)

6. I.T
You know, things to do with computer and technology kind of thing.
The first semester, the material was excel. Not the easy ones though!
It's the ones with that complicated formula-making thingy.

And if any of you wanna ask other questions related to those subjects, I'd be happy to answer through my email: :)

Enough about unilife.
What do I do every single day besides uni?
Well, I do a lot of brunches here. There are a lot of places to eat out here.
And if I post all those pictures, I might change to a food blogger instead :P
And to see how the city I am living in now look like, you lovelies are more than welcome to check on my instagram;

Some OOTD's are uploaded there as well!

That's long enough for now, I reckon!


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