Cloud Nine

Friday, January 25, 2013

Cloudy is not gloomy.
Standing on cloud nine I am

top - h&m
skirt - supre
necklace - lovisa

here's a clue of where is that cloud nine:

Yes I am!
I am in Bali, the paradise of the surfers and the sun :)

I was brought to an area in Bali that didn't feel familiar for me days ago.
It was quite quiet there, with a whollotta paddies. (And no, not Ubud)
The area is called Mambal.
Apparently, my sister brought me to visit a spa heaven there.
The place was so peaceful as you can judge by my pictures below.
The employees were so nice and explained a lot about the place.
In fact, this is a spa + cottages + healing centre made by a Balinese, and a French years back.
The name is Five Elements.

The place was located in an area where not a lot of people know of.
There is a river too beside the venue. While staying here, or having pimped by a well-trained masseuse,
you sure can hear the splash of water and the flowy sound.
Trust me, it was so relaxing and a stress reliever!

They also provide a lot of healing techniques to heal some specific sickness.
They have water therapy, a "monk" that can massage you to stop you from insomnia, a yoga to flush away negative energy, they say they can lessen your cholesterol in within a week, etc. 
Well, I didn't buy it fully that they can heal those stuffs effectively, cuz a full remedy would only be given by Him up there :)

Oh and about the price, it's way too pricey, I think.

In there, I had our small lunch.
Before I continue, have you ever built it in your mind that there's a restaurant that serve only healthy foods? Which means, no artificial sugar, no oil, and not too much starches that may fatten you?
I did.
And you know what, I got my imagination true in this place!
It was so amazing that ALL of the food was healthy. Even the cakes weren't made of flour and sugar!
Instead, they made use of natural sweetness to sweeten them.
The taste was not that good, no wonder.
But still, it was cool!
And about the price, it was expensive too, but I was dying to try these 
looked-like-so-naughty-little-creatures though!

even the straw is actually a Lemon Grass!
believe it or not, there aren't any flours in those!

Enough for now,
I'll see you soon darls~


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  1. Love your pattern long skirt! and totally want to eat those cakes :o crayy

    xoxo, Mich

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  2. Such and interesting place! That food looks so yummy!
    And I love your skirt! :D


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