Saturday, January 12, 2013

I just love my 
j e a n s


vest - f21
skirt - supre
necklace - lovisa
wedges - aldo

Happy New Year People!
Well, I know it's a bit late for me to greet you happy new year. *blush*

In 2013, I wish you all be happier, more grateful for what you have in this life,
and of course, try to be better in every aspect that you think you need to improve.

About 2013 resolutions, be committed to it :)
And myself too, i'll try be able to shrink at least 5 kilos!
And of course, try to keep giving you all readers the best through this blog, though i'm not a pro.
I just don't believe it that it's already a year since I started this blog.
And guess what? I'm enjoying this! It's actually becoming to be a habit/ part of my life.

Some people had given me a lot of suggestions and opinions too.
Thank you :)
And you know what, at first I thought I'd just use this blog as "an online diary"--which is nicer to type than write-- more for myself, but it turned out that people are actually enjoying reading this! :)))
Even though there are a lot more nicer blog than isleofview!
I love you whoever you are~

my sister just bought me this nude-but-not-too-nude lipstick by Estée Lauder.
And you know what, I really love how it gives you moist than MAC lipstick does.
The lippy color is also pretty good. The nude color is not that dead-nude shade,
instead, there's this pinkishpeach hue on your lips.
It's venetian rose 09.
Oh, and to bring out the nice color, apply your lips with lip primer or lip balm.
They give you more moist too :)

09 venetian rose by Estee Lauder
just bought this Naked 2 Palette too.
I would say that this Urban Decay product would everlast!
Everlast like Chanel's Classic flap purse, like LV's Neverful bag.
$50 if you buy it online or in USA.
So yeah, it is really worth it. It comes with a brush and colored lip gloss too!

that's all for now!
I'll see you next week.
(will try my best not to post too late :P)

comments or questions or anything, you may want to write 'em below :)


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  5. Denim is one of fave! <3
    I love how you combine yours with that skirt :)

    sweet and sugars,

  6. great look and i like the lipstick color. thanks for visiting my blog. i'm following you. hope u'll follow back <3

    Have a nice day!

    1. sure, i'm following you back :)) Love yours too!

  7. what a lovely outfit, you look gorgeous! xx


  8. WOW nice outfit and I love this make up! Would you like to follow each other?...also on bloglovin and fb...let me know or just follow and I'll follow back. Kisses


  9. Hello dear,thank you so much for your comment!my favourite colour is Prada-Milan,and Bvlgari!!many kisses!

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  12. Love the skirt <3

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