Sunday, December 16, 2012

too many cool places
in cold weather.

isle of view, from Shanghai!

rabbit shirt - h&m
red sweater - uniqlo
coat - f21
boots - aldo
accessories - lovisa

a very nice place to have a brunch

there are a lot of things that I want to show you, readers!
First of all, Shanghai is superb!
It's even more beautiful that I thought.
The nightlife, the cafes, amazing!
A week in Shanghai was so swell.
I went to eateries, historical places, cafes, clubs, parks, and even zoo! (I cannot wait to show you the baby animals that I met. So uber duper cute :') )
So I won't only show Shanghai to you in just a post, but two, or maybe three.
I'll start now.
people's park

people's park
people's park
there is this park called People' Park in the middle of the city.
What makes it so special is that people gather there to find soulmates! Yes, soulmate as in husband/ wife for life. Usually, the parents would go there and find a perfect match for their kid. There would be a discussion between parents about their kids' criteria. It's somehow desperate but so unique at the same time. I mean, I cannot imagine if my parents do that. Well, they won't anyway!
But believe it or not, a lot of lovebirds start their lovelife there :)

the pictures above I took from antique market.
There are stalls selling these vintage chinese stuffs.
The atmosphere was a bit creepy in a good way. 
(I dont't know how I can say this that way, but that's the feeling that I got)
Though I didn't ask too much about the prices, but I'm sure it's pricey.

and these branded stores are in xin tian di. It's a French Concession area.
The road is beautifully decorated with christmas lights. It doesn't look like China there, it's way so beautiful and modern and europe-ish.

nan jing xi lu

I think it's enough for now.
Will come back to you soon!
There are still a lot of pictures coming up.
I can even hardly choose which to post!
Love you people!


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5 komentar

  1. Wow, never been to China before :D Love the colour changing of the leafs and gosh those vintage goodies!!! I'd love to grab those old clocks and the analogue cameras! :*


  2. Incredible pictures! Wish I could go :)

    xo Ashley

  3. Awesome trip!
    I love ur coat :)
    Followed! ;)


  4. Wow, what a coincidence!
    I'm going to Shanghai real soon for the christmas!

    I'm really interested in that Xintiandi. I wonder how do I get there?
    And that park with pagoda, is it worth visiting? :)

    Hope you can answer me before I left for shanghai!

    1. It is so worth visiting!! I'll reply you on your blog :)


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