Royal and Preppy

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A reason to be excited for school or college is to dress preppy!

Sally Hansen - I Pink I Can

top - valleygirl
skater skirt - valleygirl
cardigan - h&m
wedges - coppelia shop
necklace - lovisa
bag - zara

location: Royal Arcade, Bourke Street, Melbourne

shot by: Jessica Cleine
thank you :D
Flinders Station
the Melbourne icon
Lygon Street
an Italy in Melbourne, which I love

Il Dolce Freddo, Lygon Street
spotted: yellow vintage car

On Monday, there was this parade of Melbourne Cup, which was supported by Emirates

look at these cute kids!

nice night lights :)
These pictures were taken in beautiful Melbourne.
They are pretty much the summary of my 9 days trip to Melbourne.
I visited my friends I missed so bad! It was lovely meeting them :))
(If anyone of you read this, thank you for the company! Will see you in a month or two!)

The weather wasn't so friendly though. It got chilly and windy, it rained, and unexpectedly, the sun might sting all of sudden! Pheww. The hardest part would be choosing the outfit of the day. It would not be nice to dress thick when suddenly the temperature rises.

The food? Don't ask.
It's nice.
And there are endless food places to come.
What enchanted me the most was the little cafes and restaurants along small streets and narrow aisles in the city!
People doing meetings, brunch, lunch, or just to sit and sip. Seems relaxing and laid back.
I secretly felt like whistling along the way. teehee
Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera when I explored these cute little 'babies'.
I might be uploading those someday though.

The people are nice too. But more Asians there, compared to Brisbane.
The city is so packed and hectic too, especially when it comes to office hours.
Sometimes in the tram or train, I can barely move because it's so full.
But I think, I'll get used to it.

And at the moment, I'm here in Brisbane again.
Been missing this quiet and tidy city!

And it was a quite tiring flight back.
I gotta tidy up bits and pieces, and have a rest for now.

See you in a week.


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  1. Such beautiful pictures! Wow, great post!


  2. nice look and Melbourne looks really good too :))


  3. awwwhhh so envyyyy i wanna go there too! anyway loving the bright skirt and shoes <3 adorably cute :3

    1. thank you :) and yes, you shud go to Melbourne someday! :))

  4. You look so cute! I love those shoes!!

  5. love the color combination and nice pics!

  6. This is such a lovely post!! AMAZING!! I love the necklace with all my heart <3

  7. Great post and great pictures
    would you like to follow each other?
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  8. beautiful pics!
    your first look is great!
    hope to find some time to check out my blog!
    it would be great to follow each other!

  9. Very pretty hun, beautiful pics.

    Thanks for stopping by! Would LOVE to follow each other.
    Now following you on GFC & Twitter! Hope you do the same =D

    Stay in touch.


  10. you're cute! thanks for dropping by my page! i posted a new look :) would love to follow each other!

    hearts and hugs,

  11. Amazing outfit!! Really love the color you matched! :)) come to visit me, new outfit! XX.Giuls!


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