Mother Nature

Friday, October 12, 2012

nature is the source of everything
nature is the inspiration
taking pictures in nature: effortlessly beautiful!

suddenly in New Zealand?

thanks, Thania S. for helping me again!
dress - temt
belt - temt
wedges - coppelia
earrings - aldo

location: Mt. Coot-tha Botanical Garden, Brisbane

how are you guys?
I hope you well! :)

I went to this botanical garden, and it's so beautiful!
A lot of flowers and plantations there. Colourful much!
Some photographers were there too, capturing the representatives of nature :)
It's only 25mins from the city of Brisbane by bus.
I suggest you to put on something nice and cute if you wanna go here, since you'll be taking a lot of pictures ;) (well, at least thats what I did, teehee)

This week I watched Taken 2, and The Watch.
Both of them were pretty cool. Taken 2 took all the nerves! But it wasn't as satisfying as I'd expected though. In fact, I like the first Taken better.
While The Watch was funny, though the story was ab bit weird!

catch up with you later~

thanks for visiting.


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10 komentar

  1. nice post!
    just found your amazing blog :) would you like to follow each other? :)

    Journal J

  2. Cute and sweet :D Love the belt and pink rose pic :D

  3. sweet it..:D

    Mind to follow each other???

  4. so cute! and i love the scenery.

    visit me!

  5. something might went wrong ): but im sure this time is right:) following u!
    where did u took this shot btw ? that's a nice place!:)

    Journal J

    1. it's in Brisbane's botanical garden. You can click on "Botanical Garden" up there! :D
      thank you! Oh, and Cloth Inc beautified my blog too! thx :)

  6. Love the vintage cute print of your dress! Great blog by the way!
    Meganne from The Vanity Theory


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