Gili Bali

Friday, August 24, 2012

It's a story of an island.
Beautiful one.
One of a kind.

 top - bangkok market
shorts - zara
flipflops - havaianas

no cousins, no fun!

so, here is Gili, for you!

no motorcycles, no cars 
diving lessons, run by Australians

yes, it's as clear as this!

august 17 2012

night streetviews

this is the ocean. Not pool! 

yellow nail polish by Face Shop

This really a niiiiice place to hang out, especially with friends!
Don't forget to dress up, because you will take a lot of pics!
Potato  Head

caesar salad - nice! 
I wish all shops do this! 
and, time to go back home, and blog! :D
So yeah, I went to Bali last week. And this time I did Bali with a big family of mine.
It's so much warmer with my family around. Laughter and cheers were all over me.

We sailed across the ocean from Bali to an island called Gili Trawangan island.
It's the island next to Lombok.
Actually, that has been my first time to a small island such that.
And I was mesmerized not only by the sparkling see through water, but the fact that there were very very little local people there! (except the sellers and hotel assistants)
What makes this island unique is that motors and cars aren't allowed. We went everywhere on foot, or by renting bicycle, or hailing a horse-wagon (yes, no kidding). And what surprised me was that a lot of shops were run by Australians, etc. They sell jewelries, and run diving schools!
It was a great place to snorkel and dive. I spot a tortoise when I snorkeled. So happy! :D
But a little warning for you if you plan to visit this little island, the water, even in the hotel is salty. Seriously. So it did annoy me aaaa little, that I have to brush my teeth with that water. SO, buy a lot lot lot of water!

I spent 2 nights in Gili Island, then went back to Bali.

So, there, some pictures I shared! :)


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  8. Last year I went to Bali with my whole family too... and i feel the same with you. It was so much fun...

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