Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's been roughly half a year since this blog made.
And you know, even though it might be seems like a small thing to you, but actually this means a lot to me, and it makes my life comes closer to the word "creative" and "innovative".

top - H&M
bottoms - kivee
pumps - new look

Which is, doing a blog is not as easy as it seems. 
In order to make it interesting, we have to post nice photos (with nice camera lenses as well). We have to be able to choose which one and which not to be posted. Which one would inspire people, which one would bore them and won't make the audience leave the theater. Because honestly, it would make my day (and i'm sure the other bloggers' too), if a lot of people hit to our web, even more if comments are sent.

The other difficulty to live this blog is to keep posting. Yeah, it's harddd. Especially when there's no one helping me to take photos. And that makes me sad :(
I'm actually wondering, how do fashion bloggers like Brown Platform, CHICMUSE, The Blonde Salad, etc, can post photos frequently, and I'm sure they don't do the self timer kind of thing. They would come with nice pictures today, and in no more that 3 days, they are back with the other cool shoots! Who are the people behind their lenses? If you guys know, please let me know! A friend of mine told me once, that they have their own blogger assistant! How cool is that.

Random sharing, I know it would be more fun and appealing if I could to the photoshoot outdoor. But due to this and that, it's not that easy. However, if I get the chance, I won't miss it to share it to you guys!

Despite those problems, the most important is that we have to commit to keep this going :)
It does not matter if you or I don't get a lot of followers. Cus actually we are not only inspiring bloggers, but also the rest of the people out there!
And, the bright side, you can always make the blog as your online diary--oh well, that sounds cheesy--but it does feel nice to write(or should I say "type"). Then, we can wake our creativitywethoughtweneverhad up too!

Then at some points, you and I must be able to reach our "bloggingdream",
as we are all now learning too!

Thank you for keeping my site hit.
That's actually a support you never know it is.

and for those who can comment below, inputs and comments are so so welcome!


ps: see you in (hopefully) not more than a week. I'll be going to ... .
Oh well, play a little guess.

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  1. Hiii lovely (: i’ve nominated you for the liebster award on my blog! Have a look:!

    and i love that outfit!! really great hat!!

  2. keep going! :)

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  3. great look! followed you, hope you can follow back!


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