PROM 2012

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

it ends in one night!

using black glittery Skin Food, and top em up with Sephora by OPI(wild about shimmer)
G.C, JSL, J.C, Stephanie Gracia

And here are some outfits I won't miss to show you!

A.S : Jeanny Ang's daughter wearing one of her mom's collection. Total heartbeat isn't it?

Stephanie Gracia (
a lot of flowers, but not too much since they are all on sheer fabrics
A.S : spotted, Audrey Hepburn gets real!
 Last night was an awesome night. Most students participated in the whole evening. All wearing glamourous, cute, brave, and catchy outfits. Three of them were some friends I showed you above. (If you girls are reading this, thank you! x)
This prom night was actually a party that I won't forget. Friends that usually looked so funny, silly, laughably, were in tears. This actually saddened me, this even made me realize more that we are actually "departing" to our own future. Whether or not, I would be in their futures. But I hope so. Totally. Especially some amazing people I've met in this school. They are all unique.

Anyway, there's no use of being weepy too long. As quoted, we should be thankful and happy for what have happened :) And how I know, another phase of life is actually starting!


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  1. wow, totally in love with your dress skirt! what a dress! much love, love it very well! <3


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