Monday, June 11, 2012

High School is officially over.
graduated, the 15th Generation

Since this year's yearbook has the concept of magazine, here is the page of mine. i'm the girl presenting a paprika

alumni gallery, it is me, holding the yellow paper
On my graduation day, I was so excited in the morning. I did my own makeups, but a hairdresser helped me do my hair. Till the evening, when I walked along the isle of the hall (no, i'm not marrying!), with the other 190 graduates, my heart felt so full, like there were butterflies flying inside. I just can't believe, its totally over, my amazing highschool years. No more uniform.

First, I sang Indonesia Raya, a national anthem, and followed by my school's song. I knew it was gonna be the last time I sing it with all friends and teachers around. At that time, I suddenly realized how my senior years were awesome. And it must be the only years throughout my whole life. I didn't know that I would be so teary in my heart, I thought prom night was gonna be the last weeping day. It turned out, the other way around!

On that day, it's not the friendsgoingtoothercountries that saddened me, it's the teachers. We might be separated with most friends. But we could try keeping contact with them. But teachers? 
Some of them who were quite close to me, were looking at my eyes expectantly, waiting to be approached to say a word. I did. I also took some photos with them. And the time when I shook their hands, they won't let it go (i'm being totally honest about this one). This, i'm going to remember in a long time. I still can remember the tight and full grips and hugs. After three years, it was the moment I realized, how teachers also are so caring and loving. They remembered us. The thing is, we keep going on with our lives, while they, will pretty much are going to stay there and meet the new us! Well, nothing much I could and can do. That time, I just smiled whole-heartedly, saying "thank you". For now and next, I'll always be praying for my educators, not only academically, but also psychologically.

Thanking all the teachers,

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