Going Grey

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Some says grey is boring. Then I'd say, grey is my new challenge.

gel eyeliner by Sephora. The waterproof works more than Bobbi Brown and MAC do.

jumpsuit - Cotton On
outerwear - Body & Soul
necklace - sister's collection {thank you, x)
wedges - Coppelia

Hi again people!

There is something I learnt a while ago, and won't miss this one to tell you. This might be simple, but totally wonderful to be done.

A month ago, I met a 25-ish lady, a mutual friend of mine.
She works as a manager in a small company. I could tell she doesn't earn piles of gold. Just slightly more than enough for her to eat, sleep, and have fun a bit.
However, she is so willing in helping other people, eventhough she had to give her money away. She did even treat us to eat. And I know, it was much as in the price. But still, she was so welcoming, warm and full-heartedly please us!

This character in a person, is priceless. However, all of us can learn to do so. 
To be generous and sincere.


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