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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A M A Z I N G !
Thanks to the paradise of Indonesia: BALI.

TJ's, a heartbreak for Mexican lover.
Location: Kuta

TJ's Nachos

w/ Stephanie Gracia (
top - F21
shorts - zara

Location: Elephant Park, Ubud

E. A, one of my bests!
I'm second from left
Location: Caviar Cafe, Jimbaran
top - mom's wardrobe
belt - Thailand

dress - brisbane's DFO
Hu'u Bar (a must-go-to bar in Bali)
Location: Seminyak

Location: T. Benoa

Location: Ku De Ta, Seminyak

G.C, my super girl. And C.F, my laugh-o-meter
6 days in Bali, it was totally amazing refreshing fun awesome nerve-taking and totally missable
I reunited with some friends, and made me know them well more.
So well, that I could be myself there.
So well, that I laughed all the time, though I'm not an easy-laugher.
At first, I didn't expect it'd be so nice. Since I'd never get along too much with most of these friends. However, it happened, and turned out so so so good.

I went to a lot of nice places. And here's my favourite:
1. TJ's (Mexican restaurant @Kuta)
2. Hu'u Bar (@Seminyak)
3. Warung Made (Balinese food @Kuta)
4. Take (Japanese food @Legian)
5. Ku De Ta (@Seminyak)
6. Potato Head (@Seminyak)

Well well, this must be one of my best summers ever. And lookin forward to hang with them again.
Oh, and Bali has been the nicest place to make memories. Trust me ;)

I'll be posting a post featuring (Stephanie Gracia) soon.

Jeslina Loves Bali as Always

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  1. Love the picture your were taken there
    btwei love your assymetric skirt where its from? to googeous the colour^^
    following your blog, follow back?

    Princesse de la Mode

    1. Manggu Dua :D easy and not pricey! Sure, thanks :)


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