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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dear Blog,

This is the first time I get so emotional and wanna spill it here. I don't care whether people would or wouldn't read this. All I wanna do is just using you properly. Some says you are an online diary. And it's true, I felt about writing as much as I want to spill.

First, I am NOT a good writer. But nobody is stupid enough not to be feeling angry or anxious or annoyed if somebody or something do something inappropriate. I might be typing so harsh this time. But I don't care. Anyone of you may read this. But none of you would ask any questions later. Anyone of you may think that it is lame to write blogs about your privacy. But none of you would understand if you don't try one. So don't judge. Judge yourself, dear.

I wish I could bring my PC wherever I go, and I wish a world-wide wifi did exist. This way, I can write wherever, whenever I want, to ease my temper.

Some people.
Are always thinking about their selves, they won't be thinkin about others' needs. So they simply ignore stuffs that are not related to their friggin self. BUT YOU DON'T REALIZE THAT IT WILL AFFECT OTHER PEOPLE, DO YOU? I wish, I really  w i s h, that sometimes, you'll get to know the feeling. Notice that I always knew that you talk sweet the whole time, and there's always something behind it. Every praises, every sweet thoughts you tell, are actually the money of getting things you need. Things that are only important for you.

Some people.
Are easily, way too easy, get on their nerves. Look back, honey. Had people helped you a lot?

Some people.
Are so ignorant. This might be hard to be taken off from you. This might be one of your negative traits, and already in you. I hope, I can fix this one. So that in the future, people would give you their trusts, and responsibilities.

Some people.
Are changing. They are no longer the people they used to be.

Seriously, I wrote all these, it doesn't mean that I am perfect. No. It means that
1. Every one has their own temper limit.
But the most important is that, I care. If I don't, I won't be this red and blue. I won't care and won't be disappointed if they do things. I love, these people, with their own goods and bads. I am not mad or keeping revenge in mind, no, never. And frankly, it's not easy for me to talk about one's annoying actions to them. I would prefer peace. Usually i never write or type like this, and i'll try to be calming myself. But not this time, cus it's not only 1 or 2 who's in mind at the moment.

Well, we sure know how people vary. And if you can barely deal with them, don't be angry yet. 
Anger won't make anything up. And I always remember that, we are nothing but dust.

So that you won't get it wrong, I don't get mad easily. You should trust this one :D

Thanks for being a good unlimited-long paper. Feeling much better.



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