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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Union's Cake :9
the gorgeous Red Velvs
Carrot Cake

she's one of my best ;)

look how big the slice is!
"Friend is the chocolate chip on your cookies"

Yesterday, I went watching movie; Hunger Games. Well, I know it's so late watching this. But seriously, I hadn't got a chance to watch last time, since my hectic school's schedule. It was actually quiet good. Some says it'd be a bad movie, so I didn't expect too much. At the end, I think it's quiet entertaining ;) The player, Jennifer Lawrence is actually a heartbreaker. She had done some photo shoots, and trust me she is naturally sexy.

Then, we tried this cute little restaurant at P.Senayan, Union. The place is really nice. Remind me of those cafes in Paris. The food was alluring too, so we tried their desserts; RV, carrot cake, and cheesecake. RV's red dough melted right away in my mouth, it's soft, sweet, and i could taste the wine splash. While the carrot cake, it's somehow greasy and rough, and as I bit once, the sweetness of banana is there. My favourite would be cheesecake however. Bcus it wasn't so sweet. My suggestion, eat 'em while their are cold. Nice. OH! and not to forget, they actually came in 50k BIG slice. You guys can share it for two :)
It's a nice place to spend your afternoon!

What was I wearing? I'll post it soon.


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  1. The cakes look delicious!

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