F r e e d o m !

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hip Hip Hoorayyyyy!
I , @jslimanjaya, am  f r e e  from any kinds of test in highschool.

just the right amount of pink, isn't it?
skirt - bugis junction
wedges - F21
nail polish - Sephora by OPI (Casanova is so into me)

i have finished ALL (literally all) of exams in highschoool. i've never been feeling this hyped and free and independent before :) Andd, I can blog some more, not only once a week. I'll be quiet "jobless" in 6 months, since my university intake is in February 2013 (and for some people who read my post 'tribalsome', I finally chose the beautiful Melbourne *wink)

That pink-purplish skirt and green outfit was actually worn today, for alumni gallery photo shoot for the yearbook thingy. Oh! And mind my roller hair. 

feelin so free I could fly,

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4 komentar

  1. pretty as always ♥


  2. Lovely shoes :) Nice outfit dear !


  3. love the whole look jes! you look pretty and stunning :)


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