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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Easter Break! :D

These pics are actually taken in January, but just found! Sooo there they are! The mini postman bag i'm wearing, is actually one of my favourite bag!

lace cardigan - F21
skirt - Topshop
wedges - Aldo
bag - thailand
necklace - F21
watch - Casio

In my last post, I did say about my nail inspired by JLo's Emilio Pucci dress. Here they are! (Well, actually it comes in greener and goldier in real ;) )

1. Base - Skin Food
2. Under - Sinful Colors (Rise and Shine)
3. Top - Sephora by OPI (Wild about Shimmer)
4. Coat - Sally Hansen (Strengthening Top Coat)

The green one (Sinful Colors), is new to me. Produced in USA, but actually is from UK. Don't be surprised, it doesn't get dried immediately. But once it's dry, not so bad actually. Not my favourite though! :)

My mind right now is may be the calmest, remembering pre national exam is over this week. Even though the BIGgest is yet to come, which is the national exam itself, April 16. This Easter break does also relaxes myself up with dvds, online series watching, etc.

What saddens me is that knowing highschool is almost over. Four regular classes, and that's it. A lot of memories I won't forget from highschool such as sweet 17s parties, gossiping in the middle of a class, and get caught (oops), and lots of them. It is just so true how the adults always say "Enjoy highschool! It is actually the nicest period of time you can have your entire life." Anyway, how I know life goes on, and, I am just too excited to go to college! I know a lot more fun stuffs are there ahead of me. Just, enjoy every moments you are having, never regret doing something, and the most of all, be thankful! :D

Happy Easter everybods!

relaxed and calm,

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