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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hi folks!
Yayyy school exam is OVER. Though there still are a lot more.

There, I was wearing what my mother wore 25 years or so ago! You see, the under-knee long layer is perfectly sewn to the left side of the collar line. It gives an impression of sweet and gracious, doesn't it? Beautifully made by Aan Soekardi, (a designer known back that era, and still working right now.
My mom did wear fabulous local designer, and now I know why I do fancy fashion. Haha!

Selfish. At some points, I do feel that every persons have their own time of being selfish. I hate that, but hate it more when I realize I'm also doing it sometimes! Well well, we are humans after all! Just let us don't do that too much, cus your ego might be a potential downfall for yourself *winks*

Oh, and since the exams are over *cheering*, I am doing movie marathon. In less than 24 hours, I've watched 8 episodes of Jane By Design (which I found kinda interesting to watch), and Woman in Black starring Daniel Radcliffe. Seriously, i'm not a big fan of horror, but it's actually quiet good. espc the settings and the sound effect. C r e e p y ! Shivering all the way!

mind my too-bulky-legs! Been doing soccer for some time!

tops: Aan Soekardi
skirts: Bugis Junction
shoes: Rubi
hairpiece: Forever New

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8 komentar

  1. magenta colours looks good on you ♥

  2. Yeah, I love this skirt and top so much ! Of course We Can follow each other :) Already have followed You. Waitin' for this same. Kiss x

  3. This is such a fantastic look, I love how cute and playful it is, but dramatic at the same time.

  4. aww cuteee, love the magenta color . you're looking good !! wanna follow each other?

    ps : where do you live , just see old your post . looking you're not live in jakarta.hiih

  5. Cool! <3


  6. Stunning, I love the colours together!


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