When to rest?

Saturday, February 04, 2012

When to rest?
The first week of February didn't go really well to me. It rains a lot, but rains even more heavy in 
my head. I'm having national exam as well as school exam in no more than 2 months. No wonder
the school gave and will be giving out PILES of paper for try outs, or brain drill i should say!
As soon as i reached home from school, no more time to loiter, no time to be wasted, instead, tears 
are wasted! *sigh*

Not only those studying pressure, it's life that oftenly reach your sensitivity and stress threshold. 
Anyway, in rough days like this, it gets me to the realisation(again) how friends are needed, and
how blog becomes a medicine, not to mention the healing movies i watched!

At the end, all i (and you) have to do is keep being patient in enduring such mind-pain.
Oh, and being grateful is essential as well! :)

Here is a bit of orange shade for you! 
Oh and sorry, i ain't do any nails this week. Hectic and exhausted, remember? ;)

green top-unbranded | skirt-H&M | scarf as ribbon-rubi

snake skin spandex-cotton on | skirt-H&M | wedges-F21 | purse-sister's
snake skin spandex-cotton on | skirt-H&M | wedges-F21 | accesories-sister's

See you next week!


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  1. love the green and orange together super cute!

  2. Oh my, aren't you the cutest little thing? I adore your outfit!




  3. love your style :)) mind to follow my blog ?? hehe



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