Got a Fun Run to Do

Sunday, February 26, 2012

How hard, how tough, your life is, you should NEVER forget:
H A V I N G   F U N

Jump all the way! Sing and dance here and there, like nobody's watching.
Watch stacks of dvds! Download new hits!
All of those were what I did this weekend. I was and am so happy cuz there won't be to many tests next week.  But the biggest thing next week is, my class are gonna play a drama that had been prepared for almost 2 months. I will be playing Tracy, a girl who's so devious, but good hearted inside. Will give you some sneak peaks next week folks!

top-H&M | blue spandex-body and soul | wedges-aldo | shades-charles and keith

here's to see the top closer, and I love how they arrange the buttons in vertical straight line
vertical buttons :D
And here is a GREAT nude colour nail polish from Sally Hansen
Sally Hansen - 220 Cafe Au Lait

I was quite sad couldn't attend Indonesia's first Fashion Week this weekend. Was doing stuffs for drama. A friend of mine said it was cool, but there aren't a lot to see though. Well, I'm sure there must be the other chances though. My friend whose mother is a designer told me that there would be the next fashion show in June! Cannot wait :D

till next week!


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