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Sunday, January 22, 2012

hi. hey. It's the beginning of my blog story :)

first of all, introduce myself, my name is Jeslina, 17-soon-to-be-18 yrs old gal. This blog was made on 21-01-12 (good numbers, good sign?) Maybe some wondering what is the meaning of "isle of view"? Well, repeat those 3 words several times. Get it now? :)
Isle of view, is a group of words to say I Love You in a different way. Thus, I want to see the whole world and all stuffs living or sitting in it, in different way as well! It's just like seeing something from the other angle; good things may change to miserable, or the other way around. Depended on how you do seeing things!

My purpose of doing this blog is to share ANYTHING i want to share, and hope will inspire you. It might be new stuffs i find, or simply a rated activity, nail arts (I love doing nail art on weekends!) and of course, some outfit i would wear! Just check it out later. However, i want to focus more on fashion issue. Just so you know, i am wishing to enter deeper to fashion world. Sounds fun, eh?

Here's first picture for you guys; did you see the heading of my blog (go up and see)? Here's the picture before it was cropped!

navy shirt-Arizona | outerwear-Forever 21 | wedges-Aldo

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